Cheep Insurance

A new face for a team bringing high quality insurance at the cheepest prices

Cheep Insurance

01. The Problem

Digital management was challenging

When Cheep Insurance reached out, they had a challenge. Managing their digital experience wasn't easy, and it was absolutely necessary for the digital-first business they set out to be. Built on Wordpress, the site was hard to edit, and the content didn't look great. On top of that, they needed an inbound marketing and SEO strategy that was guaranteed to get them traffic.

02. The Goal

Provide a framework for delightful content editing

Parachute worked with the Cheep Insurance team to execute a full rebrand of their digital experience. Together, we wanted to plan out a small design framework to allow their team to build new content on a weekly basis without needing the on-going support of a web developer.

03. The Outcome

A design system that lasts

Cheep Insurance and Parachute worked together in 2017. In the years that have passed, this system is still in use, being used to build brand new content and pull in new traffic and convert them to visitors today. The best part? They've been able to do it all themselves with minimal help from a web developer.