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Systemized design for your team. Focus on solving real customer problems and not building interfaces.

CareGuide Design System
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Helping you bridge the gap

When your team isn't focussing on solving your customers and busisnesses problems, you're making less money. You shouldn't have to worry about keeping up to date with the latest design trends, the latest technologies, or not doing what you're good at. We can fill those gaps.

A shared language for design

A design system isn’t a set of components, or a pattern library in design software. It’s a bridge between the skilled designers you work with and the developers that bring their designs to life. Parachute helps your team build that bridge, define the language, and then helps you deliver the design language and supporting systems to make design efficient, effective, and easy.

Guided by experience

Designs systems aren’t just the hot new trend. They’re the merging of the design and engineering discplines into a new cross-functional discpline that focus on high-quality interaction design, brand consistency, accessibility, and customer outcomes.

Parachute has been building design systems since 2017, partnering with organizations large and small to enable them to deliver high quality experiences to the people they care about.